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Top 10 tips for Preparing Your House for Sale

  1. Freshen up. Fresh paint and new carpet are the 2 top things you can do to sell your home faster.
  2. Deep clean everything! A clean home will allow buyers to picture themselves in the space versus focusing on the dirt.
  3. Give every room a purpose. Take the treadmill out of the bedroom and don’t have the office on the dining room table.
  4. Let the light in. Bright rooms are warm and inviting.  Open the curtains and the blinds.
  5. Fix anything that’s broken. Buyers will notice and may offer less money.  Don’t wait for the inspection.
  6. Declutter every room. Imagine a luxury spa and decorate your home with only a few, beautiful items.  No photos, magnets, stuffed animals…
  7. Organize the kitchen. Store small appliances away and keep horizontal surfaces clear.  Clean off counter tops and tables, have nothing on top of the fridge.
  8. Empty trash bins and hide dirty laundry before any showing or Open House.
  9. Replace all light bulbs in the house and make sure all the switches work. Turn on all lights during showings.
  10. Make your home smell inviting. Remove anything with odors…trash, dirty shoes, litter boxes, diaper pails…